Explanatory Notes
Explanatory Notes and Definitions and Reporting Requirements

  1. General

    In order to expedite the publication and distribution of the monthly NAAMSA new vehicle sales statistics, NAAMSA members and other reporting agencies are asked to observe the following arrangements for the submission of manufacturer's monthly new vehicle sales data.

    1. Detailed monthly new vehicle sales input data should be submitted direct to NAAMSA's data processing service provider, Lightstone Auto
      • Attention: Mr John-Pierre Phillips
      • Email: [email protected]
      • Tel number: (041) 364-0211
      • Fax number: (041) 365-0959
    2. The sales return data should be sent to Lightstone Auto via electronic file transfer (FTP) or email.
      The deadline for submission of new vehicles sales data to Lightstone Auto is per close-off dates in the NAAMSA web site and in conjunction with item 2.12 of this document.
      Click here for a list of close-off dates for advanced sales data.

  2. New Vehicle Sales Reporting Requirements

    The following reporting requirements should please be observed in compiling monthly new vehicles sales data.


      Sales figures should cover the sales of each make and model during the preceding calendar month. If however this leaves insufficient time for the returns to be completed and sent in to reach Lightstone Auto by the close-off on a specific date, the data should be supplied as near to the end of the month as possible to enable this to be done.

    2. AREAS

      Importantly, sales must be reported as having been made in the NAAMSA licensing district where the vehicle is to be licensed for use and NOT where the actual sale took place.

      It is recommended that NAAMSA Licensing Districts are allocated to new vehicle sales data as per the Postal Code / Licensing District linkage file. To request this file please contact the Lightstone Auto team at [email protected].

      Please note that NAAMSA Licensing Districts are demarcated (mapped) according to the HSRC Municipal District region.
      Franchise holders are asked to impress on their distributors the necessity for complying strictly with this requirement.
      Sales in the various regions must please be recorded against the codes provided here.


      To view the details of the NAAMSA sales reporting template, please click here.


      Sales recorded in this column should be confined to sales made against an official Government purchase order, and to vehicles which will bear a Government, Provincial or other special number.

      Tender sales should be reported as Government. Sales of specialised military vehicles must not be included in NAAMSA's sales returns.

      Country Government Code
      Government RSA GTR
      Government Botswana GTB
      Government Lesotho GTL
      Government Namibia GTN
      Government Swaziland GTS

      This column is intended for the recording of retail sales registrations resulting from sales made direct by the franchise holder to diplomats and other privileged buyers (other than Government) and for vehicles supplied to the reporting manufacturers' executives or diverted to company fleets, including vehicles leased to company employees.

      The code for single units is SIN. All staff, company allowance/finance, pool cars, prototypes and company fleet vehicles should be reported as SINGLE UNITS = SIN.


      With all members now reporting sales to rental companies (e.g. Budget, Imperial, Avis), sales to a rental company should be recorded as shown below:

      Country Rental Code
      Rental RSA RLR
      Rental Botswana RLB
      Rental Lesotho RLL
      Rental Namibia RLN
      Rental Swaziland RLS

      All NAAMSA members must report export sales. Members should please note that sales into SACU countries do not constitute exports and should be treated as domestic in the sense that these appear under the appropriate SACU area coding. The initial destination should be reported by using the appropriate codes available here.


      All NAAMSA members must report the Postal Code of the buyer of the vehicle.


      All NAAMSA members should report the following Buyer information - Birth date, Gender and Race. The Method of Finance must also be provided.

    10. TRADE USE

      All NAAMSA members must report the Trade Use for Commercial vehicles. Click here for the TRADE USE codes.


      Ensure that Lightstone Auto is also on your Media Distribution list when specifications are released to the media for the first time. Please note, Lightstone Auto will not make the specifications available until informed by the OEM or the vehicle is launched.


      The deadline for the submission of sales data for the advance release report is normally 12h00 on the 1st working day of the month following that to which they relate and the deadline for submission of sales data in full detail is 12h00 on the 4th working day of the month and all franchiseholders must please ensure that their returns are delivered in good time to reach Lightstone Auto. Click here for a list of close-off dates for advanced sales data.

Any further inquiries regarding the procedural requirements and/or reporting format of the NAAMSA sales statistics should please be directed to the NAAMSA offices, contact details for which may be found here.