ASCCI is a national non-profit initiative jointly established by government, industry and labour to facilitate, coordinate and oversee supplier competitiveness improvement and localisation initiatives in the South African automotive industry.

  ASCCI Empowerment Portal (Black Supplier Database) -

In a bid to boost transformation within the sector, ASCCI has developed a first of its kind, ”single go-to” black supplier database for the local automotive industry. The database captures a pool of vetted black owned manufacturing enterprises that either:

  • Currently supply the automotive industry, or
  • Currently supply other industries closely linked to the automotive industry, and therefore have the potential to supply the automotive industry in the short to medium term. These industries include railway, aeronautics and mining.

Access to the database exists at three levels:

  • Level 1: Supplier login – platform for black-owned Suppliers to view and update business profile comprising of company specific information and compliance documents aimed to be viewed by Procurement persons.
  • Level 2:: Procurement login – platform for Procurement persons to identify pre-validated black-owned Suppliers with the potential for development or to supply manufactured components.
  • Level 3: ASCCI login – platform for ASCCI administration to oversee and manage the performance of the portal ensuring it continuously aims to serve its purpose.

  ASCCI Localisation Pipeline Tool -

The overall objective of the ASCCI Localisation Pipeline Tool is to conduct an initial feasibility assessment of identified localisation opportunities, considering blockages to localisation and the extent to which they impact or prohibit the introduction of specific new local content.

The tool comprises two main sections: Non-Financial Viability (market opportunity; technology; shipping and sourcing) and Financial Viability (financial viability; part price benchmarking).

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