COVID-19 Automotive Sector Business Support Portal

An information portal aimed at delivering COVID-19 updates and NAAMSA’s various responses to the adverse economic impact and subsequent lockdowns on the automotive sector.

South Africa’s Leading Authority and information Provider for the Motor Industry

Image Missing Introduction TO NAAMSA

The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) represents the collective, non-competitive interests of the new motor vehicle manufacturing industry in South Africa and comprises twenty-two companies involved in the production of cars and commercial vehicles which businesses collectively employ about 30 000 persons. NAAMSA also represents the interests of twenty-one companies involved in the importation and distribution of new motor vehicles in South Africa. All the major multi-national automotive corporations are members of NAAMSA.

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Values Image OUR Values

Commitment to operational excellence, integrity, reliability and the provision of professional services at all times.

Image Vision Our Vision

NAAMSA aspires to provide a constructive, effective and professional contribution in all matters relevant to the South African automotive industry and to promote the interests of the broader South African automotive industry and automotive companies in particular. Specifically – to sustain the industry’s growth and development through partnerships with government and Labour.

Furthermore, to facilitate the progressive improvement of the international competitiveness of the South African automotive and associated industries and, in the process, to promote South Africa as a leading supplier of automotive products to international markets.


mission.jpgOUR Mission Statement

To assist and support South Africa’s automotive and associated industries to offer enhanced customer satisfaction through –

  • Internationally competitive products
  • Fuel efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles
  • Improved quality and choice
  • High quality after sales service

To be regarded as the ultimate, professional authority of the South African new vehicle manufacturing industry providing extensive, timely and accurate data about the industry and its performance and to maintain a comprehensive public relations service on behalf of the industry.

To adapt to the challenges and benefits of the modern, digitally connected environment to address the needs of consumers in terms of future, alternative forms of mobility and associated business models.

To foster a sound and professional working relationship with government departments, kindred organisations and industry stakeholders including advocacy and lobbying.

To encourage a more focused and rationalised assembly and supplier industry – progressively more globally competitive with major export focus based on economies of scale production.

To promote well-developed linkages with multi-national automotive corporations and growing participation in OEM global sourcing.

To develop more efficient distribution networks and logistics throughout the Automotive Value Chain.

To facilitate the development of Black Economic Empowerment in the broader automotive industry.

To focus on union-employer partnership results and the achievement of further improvements in productivity and the development of improved and more flexible skills.