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Saved by the Belt
NAAMSA reminds motorists that the use of safety belts is considered to be a major factor in road safety and also a requirement of road traffic laws.

A spokesperson for Saved by the Belt recommends that children always be housed in the rear area of a vehicle and that proper restraint systems appropriate to their weight and age be utilised to keep them safe. "Major research in Europe and the United States has shown that there is a high level of risk to especially small children in the front of a vehicle. Even air bags fitted to a vehicle present a danger to them as the force of the deployment of this safety device can cause serious injury to infants."

A child seated in a proper restraint system.

Crash test with a child-sized test dummy unrestrained

Please see this press release from the Guild of Motoring Journalistsí Bridgestone Committee for Active Road Safety (CARS) for more information.

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