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Automobile Retail Sales Databases

The Automobile Retail Sales in South Africa databases comprise a system which was put into place with rigid security and access control. Audited databases and their detail content are Classified Proprietary Information which may not be released to, or repeated by any third party. Direct subscribers receive an electronic 'booklet' of Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles retail sales each month, and at year-end. Subscription to Lightstone Auto is more fully detailed at the following web site: subscribe.

NAAMSA do not sell data. Ownership of the data within the databases in all cases vests solely in the participating companies. In specific instances, a party may be licensed, upon contractual agreement, to utilise extracts from the data in their own internal systems, for their in-house use. Within such agreements, data may not be onward sold or further displayed to other parties. In the absence of a contract, data may not be shown. Where a contract has expired the data must be removed from the recipient's systems completely.

The NAAMSA Vehicle Code
The NAAMSA vehicle code may not be copied, reproduced, used or mapped under any circumstances. This code is created for explicit use by participating automotive companies and any use by any other party is expressly prohibited.

Public domain (where no password is required) information is released via the NAAMSA web pages with the proviso that this data may be repeated, upon written approval from NAAMSA and on condition that recognition be given to NAAMSA.

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