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Sales Statistics - the extraction thereof

Essentially there are different levels of extraction and analysis of the NAAMSA retail sales databases stored in association with RGT. Broadly defined, these are laid out below:

Method 1. Flash Telex. Public Release of last month's sales figures by model class. This occurs within the first two working days of the new month. Commonly referred to as the "Flash Telex". NAAMSA undertakes to email this release to 'Flash Telex' subscribers, one day prior to the embargo date, to aid speedy analysis. To subscribe, please contact Following the embargo time, these figures are published on the NAAMSA web site at as well as in the media.

Method 2. Autopulse (Booklet) Subscription. The NAAMSA Autopulse (booklet) system. Herein a .pdf file is emailed to subscribers. This contains sales volumes data at model range level within summary area.  Autopulse (booklets) is available around a week after the flash telex. For more about subscription, please see

Method 3. The NAAMSAONLINE presentation system. This is specifically designed to afford internet access to Autopulse (booklet) data, summarised in report, graphic and tabular form. Additional facilities are available in this online internet system. For more information, please visit

Method 4. The AUTOSTATS inquiry database. An internet database inquiry system offering varying access paths using the Response Group Trendline NAAMSA statistical sales data. Five year's sales are online with the facility to enquire by specifications. For more information on this user-friendly product, visit

Method 5. Ever mindful of the numerous requests that we get for data in increasingly-varied formats, we have established a qualified CAR PARC by model by town. Using the Naamsa Response databases going back to 1980 coupled with scrappage factors and total registration figures and sales performance patterns over the years we have created a valuable database for component and other suppliers who need to assess their market properly in each area. See

Method 6. The ultimate solution at consumer level. AUTO WIZARD. Speak to

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