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Proactive Insight Competitive Customer Satisfaction Index January – December 2003

15 April 2004
Purchasing Experience

Automotive manufacturers of South Africa have again delivered excellent customer service in 2003 and have improved from an already high level of performance in 2002. South African new car buyers can therefore be assured that the service levels they receive when purchasing a new vehicle are of a high and ever-improving standard. 

Customer satisfaction with the purchasing experience is measured over a 12 month period with results reflecting each brand’s performance between January and December 2003. The results are gathered from 11 800 new car buyers who are interviewed shortly after they have taken delivery of their vehicle. New car buyers are asked questions about their experience relating to every aspect of the sales transaction. The attributes that are measured are derived from substantial customer research and therefore focus on what customers feel to be the most critical aspects of the sales transaction.

The results demonstrate that manufacturers and their franchised outlets have focused on the delivery of superior service levels throughout the entire purchasing experience. The effect of this is evident in the 2003 results with improvements being seen in almost all aspects of the sales experience. 

On the Passenger Car side, the industry average has remained above the 90.0% barrier that was first broken in 2002, and has further exceeded the score, with eight of the automotive brands now above this mark. Mercedes-Benz is the leader in the rankings with a score of 93.0%. Audi is ranked second with Chrysler / Jeep in third position.

Mitsubishi has achieved the top position on the Light Commercial Vehicle side with a score of 92.1%. This is the first time that the 90.0% mark has been exceeded in the Light Commercial Vehicle segment. 

Servicing Experience

As with the purchasing experience, customers are asked to rate manufacturers on every aspect of the servicing experience. Customers’ from each brand are surveyed over a 12 month period shortly after they have serviced their vehicles at a franchised dealership. The results reflect the outcome of interviews with just over 12 200 customers of the invididual brands between January and December 2003.

A significant improvement has been seen on the servicing side with the Passenger Car average passing the 80.0% mark for the first time. The improvement is impressive given the complexity of the servicing transaction and high customer expectations. In the Light Commercial Vehicle market, the industry average is just short of the 80% mark although marked improvements have been demonstrated.

In the Passenger Car market, BMW is in top position with a score of 82.4% with Audi in second position. Toyota, Mazda and Volkswagen also achieved scores above 80.0%.

In the Light Commercial Vehicle market, Toyota enjoys first position and has managed to exceed the 80.0% barrier. 


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